Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hi Again!

I'm baaaack!! Did you miss me???  After a month of being away, I'll catch you up quick on what I've been up to!! The month of May (and some June) in pictures!!
1. Steevie's beautiful hair. 2. Shelby's 1st night out after baby.
3. Balloon release for my cousin Autumn.
4. and 6. We fostered baby raccoons for about 8 weeks. So cute!
5. Nick got me a mothers day from the raccoons! Haha!
7. Niece Mackenzie's bday.  8. Fun polish! 9. Lindsey singing her heart out! (Love you!)

1. Pretty rainbow at a Storm Chasers game. 2. My empty station at Blonde. :( 3. My new station at Chroma. :)
4. Mali-Bear making sure no one disturbs my nap! 5. My favorite dog of Trayci's! 6. Mali and I watching Nick mow!
7. Who says you need tools to fix things?! 8. My cousin getting beautified! 9. Chroma the Salon! I'll post more pictures and info about the salon in the next post! So stay tuned!

 1. Sammi's new do! 2. Christopher showing us how to eat popcorn! 3. Cousin Daniela's hair.
4. CWS  5. Margaritas with my cousin! 6. CWS 7. Cousins 1st time at the CWS.
8. Me and the hubby. 9. My girls at the Cinedine!

Well there's the quick recap. I promise I won't take that long of a break again!! It was a crazy month!!

Much love!!

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