Friday, May 4, 2012

Protect Those Locks!

Always use protection ladies!! Hair protection, that is!

I have clients that come in from time to time with damaged hair, wondering why. Do you use a blow dryer? a flat iron? a curling iron? hot rollers? a crimper?! (Hopefully not the last!)  Anyway, if you answered yes to any of the above, you need to protect those tresses!

I usually use Moroccan Oil before I blow-dry my hair. It is ah-mazing! It is great for ALL, yes all hair types. It's a weightless oil that cuts down blow-drying time (thank goodness!) and leaves the hair smooth and less frizzy!

After my hair is dry, I use either my flat iron or my curling iron. Doesn't matter if I'm curling or goin straight, I have something to protect my hair from that heat. Those things get HOT! I use either Kenra's Hot Spray or Aquage's Working Spray. Both are equally as good. They both give you the hold and protection you need. Now whether you spray it all over or spray it with each section of hair is up to you-just use it! Also, the biggest problem with the flat iron is that a lot of people go over and over the same section of hair several times. Yikes!! My flat iron can get up to 400 degrees and going over that hair more than once/twice is going to give me some damage. The key to using a flat iron is to take smaller sections. No, this isn't going to take longer because you are going over that section just once- instead of 5 times! Even if it takes a second or two longer, wouldn't you rather have pretty, healthy hair than a frizzy, fried mess?! Think about it! Use protection!!

Look at your hair products, if you don't have protection...get your butt into the salon and come talk to me!! I'll get you that protection you need!  Much love!! =)

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