Friday, October 12, 2012

Love in Illinois

This past weekend (and half week) my husband and I took a trip to Illinois. First stop was Chicago for a few days to celebrate an old high school friends dirty 30 birthday and then off to Rockton for another high school friends wedding. The wedding was gorgeous! A beautiful outdoor wedding. The weather was perfect and I give credit to Chris' mother who just recently became an angel. Her love was shown through the sun that was beaming down on all of us. It was definitely a love filled day and I feel lucky to have been apart of it. Congrats again Chris and Suzi!

The day after the wedding, after the hangover wore off, we drove to Sterling, IL to visit Nick's grandma. She is the sweetest and sassiest lady I've ever met! We spent the whole afternoon going through a storage room of hers. We found so many old things. I felt like we were on an episode of Storage Wars. There were tons of WWII things and I even found a 1913 high school yearbook! After listening to many stories of "back in the day...", we went to Applebee's. Her pick for her 91st birthday! 91!!! And she still gets around and lives on her own! Such a strong woman!

It was such a great trip. I'm glad that we went and celebrated so much in such a small time! It's weekends like this that make me love life so much more! It's family and friends that make the world go round. I am one very lucky gal to have so much love in my life! =). Here's a photo recap of my weekend!

Stupid tolls along the way! Make sure you have plenty of change if driving to Chicago!!
Chicago skyline
Can't go to Chi-town w/o eating some deep dish!
Navy Pier
 The Nebraska bar in Chicago-so much fun!
The Wedding


Mr. & Mrs. Markin!!
 Cutest favor!
 My main squeeze! =)
 Chris in the middle of a dance circle!

Not the best picture, but it's the whole gang!

Grandma's House
 These were some of the good finds in Gma's storage room. Below is a yearbook from 1913!!

Happy 91st Birthday!!

How cute was my husband?!!! Haha!
 Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!! Much love! =)

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