Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Loose vs Bouncy Curls

I get asked quite often on how I curl my hair. I do it a few different ways. If I want those loose, beachy waves, I curl my hair all the same direction and leave the ends out. If I want the bouncy, full of life curls, I curl each piece a different direction. I also use a small curling iron so I get done faster! (If you can't tell by all of my videos or tutorials, I like things that are fast and easy!) As I promised on facebook yesterday,  here's the video- enjoy! (oh and at the 5:45 mark, my husband peaks his head around trying to figure out why I'm talking to myelf in the bathroom!)
Loose or Bouncy.... Which one do you like better?
   Much love! =)
P.S.- I hope everyone has a fun and safe (and hopefully spooky!) Halloween!!

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