Thursday, February 14, 2013

Want Long Hair?

I have been getting asked quite a bit lately on how to make your hair grow. There a few things that COULD help but are not guaranteed. One of them is prenatal vitamins. (No, they will not make you get pregnant if you take them!) There is also a vitamin that is designed for hair, skin and nails. It's called Biotin. You can get it from any supermarket in the vitamin aisle. No prescription here. The only thing with Biotin is you have to take one pill, three times a day. I have a hard time remembering to take one, once a day, so three times is pretty hard to remember! If you are serious about growing your hair long, and want to do it faster, try it. It could help!

Another thing that you should know is that getting your hair cut once a month or often, will NOT help it grow. This is a myth! If your ends are horrible, you can trim those up, but getting your hair cut all the time basically does the opposite of growing it. Your hair only grows 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch a month. That's not a lot. So as much as I hate to say it, if you are wanting to grow your hair long, don't come to see me as much! I'll miss you, but we will get you that long hair that you are wanting!!

Now make sure you are using professional products to ensure that your hair will stay in great shape since you won't be coming in to see me as often!

On a side note... Happy happy lovey dovey day to y'all! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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