Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Silky Smooth

I love trying new products all the time! My husband is constantly complaining that I have way too much in the shower. He tells me I'm a product hoarder. I like to think of it as research for my career! I mean it really is!! Well two Fridays ago I went to the supply house for hair color and at the check out there were some new It's A Ten products. Now if you haven't tried It's A Ten yet, you are missing out! It started off as a great leave in conditioner product and now they have much more. Every product I have tried from them I have loved so when I saw a new purple bottle, I knew I had to try it! It's called Silk Express and it does just that... It helps make your smooth, silky and soft! It's amazing stuff.

I brought it into the salon on Saturday and had all the other girls use it. They were just as obsessed as I was! There were some ladies I used it on and didn't even use my flat iron! (Side note- I did use a round brush! If you have texture in your hair, you will still have to use a hot iron to get it smooth- it's not magic!) I have been using the miracle silk trio; shampoo, conditioner and the smoothing balm for 2 weeks now and my hair feels amazing! You definitely need to try it! The best part is this trio is on sale for the rest of February for only $40! YES all 3 for $40!! You better come in and get em before they're gone!  =)

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