Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Day After

My festive door wreath I made!

 My girls and I carving pumpkins and drinking wine at Manda's house! Such a fun night!
 Sara and Nikki
 Manda and Shea
 My pumpkin! Yes, it was a stencil but it still took time and a steady hand!!
All of our pumpkins!! Impressive, huh?!!
 The rest of my pumpkins
 Mali-bear's costume! The dog costumes don't fit her so we have to shop in the kid's section!

 My niece and nephew carving pumpkins! She wasn't liking the gooey insides!
 Miss Independent pumpkin carver!!

 Daddy's lil helper!
 Love them! Such a cute family!

A pretty, pretty princess!
 My other nieces!! =)
 A Shadow Chaser! (From a book she read!)
 An 80's girl!
 And a Zombie Flowergirl!!
 They're all getting so big!! Love them to pieces!!
And this is how I ended my night! My neighbor and I sat around this drinking adult hot chocolate and handing out candy! Such a fun day!
I'm gonna leave you with this video I took of our polar bear of a dog dressed in her costume! =)

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  1. that wreath is so cute, amber! It looks like you had such a fun halloween :)
    I miss you!!

    xoxo, tiana