Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November Recap

I cannot believe it is already December! It definitely does not feel like it-at all! We sat outside around our fire pit a few nights ago. As much as I do love fall, I am so ready for some snow!! I know I'm part of the few, but it's Christmas time and I need snow! Plus our lights outside will look so much better with a lil snow!! It just needs to snow if December and maybe a little in January, but after that it can go away!! Right? We need a winter wonderland for Christmas! Weatherman, help me out! =)

So November is always a busy month (not as busy as December). Here are just a few snap shots from my phone from the month of November.

 From top left:  -Our dog, Mali as wonderwoman! - Christmas tree lighting at our outdoor mall. -  My niece modeling a headband. - Our 1 year anny bottle of wine. - Pretty hair I did. - Our 1 year anny picture. - My niece modeling more hair pieces. - My hubby turned the dirty 30! - My nails.

From top left to right: My hubby, friends and I at the Husker game in Indy. - Headed to Indy for my birthday surprise!- Playing with my lil boyfriend, Brody! - Megan and her giveaway basket! - Our dog sleeping under the Christmas tree! -  The house decorated with lights! - Our dog tried to jump over a railing and fell behind the couch! Hilarious! - Matrix shampoo & conditioner (next blog post!) - My sister and nieces at the tree lighting!

Today I'm starting to get ready for my Holiday Sale that is going to be this Sunday at Chroma. Great gifts and stocking stuffers for Christmas. Don't miss out on it! It's from 12-4!! Much love! =)

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