Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big Hair, Don't Care

I absolutely love to wear my hair curly. I feel like I've been doing those loose, wavy curls quite a bit lately, so I decided to change it up! Super curly, BIG hair! (Well not Texas big, but big!) Now, it takes a lot longer to do this type of hairstyle, but I think it's worth it. Especially on those special occasions!!

Speaking of big occasions... My birthday is this Saturday... okay, so I don't know how to feel about turning the BIG 3-0. I mean it's just another birthday, but I'm no longer in my 20's. Does this mean I have to become an adult? Ugh, I can't believe we are old enough to be 30. All of our friends are married and having babies on purpose now. When did we grow up? I kinda miss the care-free days, even though I couldn't wait to grow up! As much as I complain about turning 30, looking back, I am so happy and proud of where I'm at now. I have a career that I absolutely love, an amazing guy by my side, a huge family I couldn't live without and the best friends a girl could ask for. So I guess 30 isn't so bad! (I just better get going on the night creams to prevent those wrinkles that are gonna start comin in!)

Well, back to hair...

Sorry for the blurry picture!  I started off with sectioning my hair off. I took small sections and then curled them back and forth. (like in the curly video I posted last month.) Make sure you spray Hot Spray on each section before curling-helps with hold and protection)  After curling, you can back comb the top layer for added height or just give them a blast with hairspray! =)

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'll let you all know if I get a wrinkle after turning 30!! Much love!! =)

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