Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh NO!

I'm sure most of you have already seen this video, but I couldn't help but post it for those who haven't seen it! This post is a What Not To Do! This poor girl is trying to do a video tutorial on how to curl hair. (Please Dear God, do not let one of my videos turn out like hers! Amen!)  So, the things that she could have possible done to make her hair fry off are...

  • She left the curling iron on waaay too long. (Do not count to 20! Don't count in general!) Like I said in a video before, if your hair is warm, your hair is curled!
  • The temperature on her curling iron might be set too high. If it's on the highest setting, make sure the time your hair is on the iron is very short!
  • The hair is still slightly damp. You can fry your hair if you do not have all the moisture out of it. So make sure you blow dry your hair all that way! If your hair is cold right after you take the blow dryer off it, it's still a lil wet.  
  • Last but definitely not least. She didn't use a protective spray. Use professional products people!!! I'm sure you all know this by now but Kenra's Hot Spray is my fav product. It protects the hair from the heat of the irons! USE IT! Oh and do not use regular hair spray- this could fry the hair also!
Use these little tips so that this does not happen to you! There is nothing worse than a bad hair day that lasts for a year when your hair finally grows out!

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