Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bun Head

I'm always looking for quick easy ways to style my hair that make it look like I spent some time doing it! I loooove my job of making others pretty, but I hate doing my own hair! I don't know why. I could spend hours fixing other peoples hair, but when it comes to my own, I want something done fast! The bun is just that, quick and easy! 

I'm sure you remember this picture I posted on facebook!

What you need to create this look is: 
  • pony tail holder
  • hair pins + 1 bobby pin
  • hair spray
  • comb
Step One: put your hair in a pony tail and leave just the tail end still out.

Step Two: Take your one bobby pin and tuck the ends into the pony.

Step Three: Position the loop around to shape the bun.

Step Four: Start pinning the around the bun. Go straight down with the hair pin and then push in for a secure hold!

Step Five: Hold your breath and spray!!!

Here's a video if you like visual instructions!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! My day off yesterday was so much fun and much needed! I met up with some wonderful ladies for a little happy hour at Red Lounge. It's been a while since I've seen some of those purdy smiles, so it was great catching up. I sure do miss working with you gals! We need to make this a mandatory happy hour once a month! (if not more!)  Much love! =)

hmmph...i miss you gals!

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