Monday, August 27, 2012

Makeover Monday

The past month has been so much fun in the salon. It seems like everyone is up for changes! Makeovers are part of the reason I love my job! How fun is it to completely change someones look? Here's some before and after pictures to help getcha through the dreadful Monday! Enjoy!

This is Karen. She's our beautiful receptionist at Chroma! She was feeling a lil dull and wanted a change. Her boyfriend absolutely loves her new color!

Here's Jill. We chopped her hair off! She's such a sassy lil diva now!! I hope her husband doesn't want to kill me though!

It's Taylor!  This is her first time coloring her hair- EVER! How cute is she?! 
And last but not least, here's Jessica. (a coworker at Chroma) She was sick of her dark and wanted to go to the fun side! Ha! ;)  We were in the salon for 5 hours with this one! Yep, 5! 
Talk about a make-ova!

Here are all the beauts side by side!!

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  1. Very cool Amber! How about thinking up something for dear old mom???!!!!!! LOL