Friday, August 3, 2012

Hair Chalk

I came across this hair chalk at a hair show and decided I HAD to have it!! It's perfect for those people that don't want the hassle and maintenance of permanent color. To apply it all you have to do is take a small section of hair and run the chalk down it. Spray some hairspray on it to lock it in and you are good to go!! If you want more of a vibrant color, you can spray your strand of hair with a leave in conditioner. It just washes out with your next shampoo!!

I did the purple and teal on my hair and this is how it turned out...

And it even shows up on dark hair!!

(this is a manikin and it's sitting on my lap- that's why it looks funny!!)

OMGosh!! How fun is this stuff? I'm going to put in an order for some black and red ones for Husker season...who wants some? (I can also put in an order for yellow and black for that "other" team!)  Let me know!

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