Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hair Wash

I get asked on almost a daily basis on how often one should shampoo their hair. Well the answer is, it's completely different for each person. I usually wash my hair everyday- I have a really oily scalp which needs a daily wash. There are a few girls at the salon that can go a couple days without shampooing. Which I am soooo jealous of! Who likes to blow-dry their hair everyday? Not this girl!

Another factor to think about is your hair color. The more you wash your hair, the faster the color fades. If you need to wash your hair everyday, make sure you have a shampoo that is for color treated hair and is sulfate free. (And professional!! There is a big, HUGE difference between professional products and the ones bought at a grocery store. If you spend that much money on your hair color, spend just a little more on a professional shampoo and conditioner- it will last longer!)

Now, when you do shampoo your hair, and especially if you're like me and need to shampoo daily, only massage the scalp. Don't wad up your ends and put them on top of your head and shampoo-that just beats your ends up. (and makes that color fade!) Your ends don't really get dirty so they don't need a cleansin.  Also when conditioning, just put the conditioner on the mid lengths and ends. The oil in your hair will naturally condition the roots.

So, what happens if I wake up late and there's no time to do my hair, you ask? Okay, well lean in a little closer and I'll let you in on my little secret...ready? 
I actually sprinkle the roots with a little baby powder and rub it in.
Personally, I have not found a dry shampoo I like and this works for me. Now, if you're a brunette, it might not work as well since it's white -but you blondes can try it out. Don't use a lot...just a little sprinkle here and there! (Or throw on a cute hat or scarf!!)  =)

Here's a little peek at my shower products for the moment:

I'm using Redken's Blonde Glam as my everyday shampoo and contitioner. Once a week I use either, Rusk's deep shine Color Repair mask or Loreal's Absolut Repair mask.
Much love!! =)

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