Thursday, April 26, 2012

Products Galore

This morning while I was getting ready, my husband made a comment about my "under the sink madness":

Now to me, this isn't madness. It's just simply someone who loves to try product and goes onto the next new thing before finishing the last. I told him it's my job to try new products. With an eye roll out of the bathroom he went! So I started to go through my basket of goodies and I realized he was kinda right (I hate when that happens!!) Well... I kinda had product that I bought when I was still  in beauty school (9 years ago!!)  Oops! I guess it had been awhile since I cleaned that puppy out! Well here is the new, organized beauty basket!

It's an improvement right?! I can't help that I'm a hair product junkie! (Or in my husband's words a "hoarder".) Oh I do love that man! =)

Since I'm speaking of bathroom madness, I thought I would show you what else I'm improving- the main bathroom. I know this isn't hair related, but I'm just so thrilled with the results! I'm such a handyWOman!! Here's the before and after:

Yes, the mirror is a FABULOUS  Pinterest DIY project. OMGosh... it was so easy and cheap!! (Only 5 trips to Lowe's too! grrr!)  What do you all think?!

Hope you're week is going as fast as mine!! And yay for nice volleyball weather tonight! (Hopefully!I guess there still is time for the weather to change!)  Much love! =)

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