Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Curly Sue, I Love You

I'm totally one of those girls that want what I can't have. Every time I have a client that has that gorgeous, super curly hair, I get MAJOR hair envy! I would love curly hair. I have that frizzy, wavy, ugh I can't go natural hair. I either have to straighten it or curl it with a curling iron every day! Now there are some days I want to pretend I have fun, sassy curls and this is how I get that look...

Start off with some good products. I use Moroccan Oil and Big Sexy Hair- Full On Curls.

Make sure you evenly distribute the products and then start scrunching your hair.

After you've scrunched all your hair, scrunch sections of your hair all the way to the scalp and secure with either a hair clip or hair band. I usually do 5 sections- one on each side, one at the crown and 2 in the back. Now trust me, you're gonna look extremely hot and sexy during this step, so try and control your urge of going out like this...

Told you-HOT!

After that step, I usually put my make-up on or eat breakfast, just so it dries a little bit. That will make it a little tighter curl. Then I take my diffuser, you will need one-it helps BIG time, and blow dry your hair.

A little bit of hairspray and a few bobby pins later and voila...

Okay, so it's still not as fantastic as those natural curls but it's as close as I'm gonna get!! I'm always going to have curly hair envy...hmmmphhh

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