Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Braid

It's summer time!! Time for hats, braids, and margaritas!! (well those three things make me happy!)

If you follow me on facebook, you might remember this picture I posted a lil while ago.

I get asked a lot on how to do the fishtail braid so I thought I would show you all!! =) The fishtail braid is extremely easy to do! It's easier than a regular braid because there's only 2 sections instead of 3! Watch how easy it is!!

Okay, seriously this is the still image they choose to use?!! Does anyone know how to change that?! haha!

Another easy side braid to do...
Start with the 3 sections

Braid the middle section. (like a normal braid)

And then braid all 3 sections. Loosen it a little like how I did the fishtail braid in the video.

A closer look

Here's a picture of the waterfall braid too!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! Much love! =)

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